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4 Muscle building myths

Bodybuilding is a field that’s often flooded with a lot of conflicting advice. While conflicting advice can sometimes have two right answers, very often the advice that’s given is just plain wrong. In this article, we’ll expose four of the most common muscle-building myths. ==> Myth #1 – Eat More If You Want to Build…

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Three Diet Tips for Serious Muscle Builders

Serious muscle builders treat their diet in an almost scientific, equation-like manner. What is the scientifically proven, most effective way to build more muscles? It takes a lot of discipline to follow the rigid guidelines for developing your body in the absolute fastest manner. But if you’re really serious, that’s what it’ll take to get…

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The Fundamentals of Good Muscle Building: Compound Exercises

When it comes to muscle building, all exercises can be separated into two different camps. On one side are the compound exercises, on the other side are the isolation exercises. They each have very different functions. As the name might suggest, compound exercises are workouts that exercise multiple muscle groups at the same time. Isolation…

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